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  • Calculus II voor TN, 152027
  • Maple prakticum voor TN, 150533
  • Analyse C voor TN, 156029
  • Advanced Modelling in Science (MSc), 150910

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    Mathematical modelling of free boundary problems in fluids
    Variational description of planar vortices
    Asymptotic description of the blowing of glass bottles
    Stefan problems and stress driven diffusion in drying liquid paint

    Curriculum vitae
    Applied Mathematics, University of Twente, '84-'88.
    Master's thesis:
    University of Twente '88 (Superv: Prof.dr. R. Martini)
    "The prolongation structure of a higher order Korteweg-de Vries equation" (Dutch).
    Dept. of Public Works '88 (Superv: Prof.dr. A.W. Heemink)
    " Stochastic simulation methods, describing diffusion in inhomogeneous turbulent flows" (Dutch).
    Doctorate thesis:
    University of Twente '93 (Superv: Prof.dr. E.W.C. van Groesen)
    "Variational formulations for coherent vortex structures".
    Postdoc positions:
    Mathematical Institute, Leiden University, NWO, '95-'98.
    University of Twente, Bandung Institute of Technology, '95 (2 months).
    ESF-FBP Research Fellowship, Oxford University, '94 (4 months).
    HCM-ECMI Research Fellowship, Oxford University, '93-'95.
    Organisation international conferences:
    European Study Group with Industry, Twente 2000.
    European Study Group with Industry, Leiden 1998.
    PIms Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, Vancouver 1997.
    Free boundaries in thin film flows, Amsterdam 1996.
    New Frontiers in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Oxford 1995.


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