Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics Group
at Twente University

The Chair Numerical Analysis and Computational Mechanics (NACM) in the Department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Twente is dedicated to high quality research and teaching in numerical analysis and computational mechanics.

The teaching in NACM focuses on numerical methods for partial differential equations, numerical linear algebra, mathematical modelling and applied analysis.

The research in NACM concentrates on two main topics:
  1. The development, analysis and application of numerical algorithms for the (adaptive) solution of partial differential equations for problems originating from physical and technical sciences, in particular (discontinuous Galerkin) finite element methods.
  2. Mathematical modeling of complex physical problems to make them accessible for computation, in particular for turbulence and geophysical problems.
In order to support these activities a significant research effort is directed towards the design of an object oriented toolkit for finite element discretizations, written in C++, and suitable for high performance parallel computers.

The research is conducted in the research institute IMPACT and the research in two-phase flows is part of the UT spearhead program "Dispersed multiphase flows".

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