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List of Memoranda 1999, nos. 1481 - 1509

1)  First Column is Hyperlink to Abstract
2)  P* in the second column is a hyperlink to the freely available publication in .pdf format;
     P denotes a .pdf file which is only accessible on the internal site;
3)  R* (F*) in the third column is a hyperlink to a revised (final) version.)

No: P  



1481 P*   H.J. Broersma, R.J. Faudree, A. Huck, H. Trommel, H.J. Veldman Forbidden subgraphs that imply Hamiltonian-connectedness
1482 P*   H.J. Broersma, N. Bruin, J.L. Hurink, L.E. Meester, S.S. Op de Beek,
J.H. Westhuis
Throughput of ADSL modems
1483 P*   U. Faigle, W. Kern, D. Paulusma Note on the computational complexity of least core concepts for min-cost spanning tree games
1484 P*   C.R. Traas `Optimal' triangulation of surfaces and bodies
1485 P*   W. Albers From A to Z: Asymptotic expansions by van Zwet
1486 P*   R.B. Lenin, P.R. Parthasarathy,
W.R.W. Scheinhardt, E.A. van Doorn
Families of birth-death processes with similar time-dependent behaviour
1487 P*   L. Alboul, G. Kloosterman, C.R. Traas and R.M.J. van Damme Best data-dependent triangulations
1488 P*   W. Albers, P.C. Boon, and
W.C.M. Kallenberg
Power gain by pre-testing?
1489 P*   G. Blankenstein and
A.J. van der Schaft
Symmetry and reduction in implicit generalized Hamiltonian systems
1490 P*   A. Fialowski and G.F. Post Versal deformation of the Lie algebra L_2
1491 P*   H.J. Broersma, M. Kriesell and
Z. Ryjácek
On factors of 4-connected claw-free graphs
1492 P*   D. Dutta, K. Murty, G.J. Still and
J.J. Wilharms
Computing the maximum turnable state of simple parts
1493 P*   P. Pop and G.J. Still An easy way to obtain strong duality results in linear, linear semidefinite and linear semi-infinite programming
1494 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and D. Paulusma Two extensions of the Shapley value for cooperative games
1495 P*   P. Roos, F.P.H. van Beckum and
E. van Groesen
Cross-sectional river shapes: A variational discharge-resistance formulation
1496 P* F* J.L. Hurink and S. Knust A tabu search algorithm for scheduling a single robot in a job-shop environment
1497 P*   C.H. Driesen and J.G.M. Kuerten Singularities at rims in three-dimensional fluid flow
1498 P*   P. Brucker, J.L. Hurink and T. Rolfes Routing of railway carriages: A case study
1499 P*   D. Bauer, H.J. Broersma, A. Morgana
and E. Schmeichel
Polynomial algorithms that prove an NP-hard hypothesis implies an NP-hard conclusion
1500 P*   C. Hoede Evaluating attitudes from texts
1501 P*   R.B. Lenin and P.R. Parthasarathy A computational approach for a fluid queue driven by a truncated birth-death process
1502 P*   A.A.R. Metselaar and C.R. Traas The efficacy of estimation for influence coefficients in wavelet basis
1503 P*   G.F. Post On the structure of transitively differential algebras
1504 P* F* W. Albers, W.C.M. Kallenberg
and F. Martini
Data driven rank tests for classes of tail alternatives
1505 P*   W. Kern and D. Paulusma The new FIFA rules are hard: Complexity aspects of sports competitions
1506 P* F* P. Brucker and J.L. Hurink Solving a chemical batch scheduling problem by local search
1507 P*   H.J. Broersma and Liming Xiong On minimum degree conditions for supereulerian graphs
1508 P*   H.J. Broersma On some intriguing problems in Hamiltonian graph theory -- A survey
1509 P*   J.J. Bisschop, J.B.J. Heerink and
G.H.M. Roelofs
Hierarchical index sets in algebraic modelling languages
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