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Graduating in Mathematics and Applications of Signals and Systems

General description of the program in Applied Mathematics and the track Mathematics and Applications of Signals and Systems can be found on the MASS education site.

Final project

In the second year of the program there is a final project scheduled of 40EC. This amounts to roughly six months work. Most final projects are performed at the university. Another option is a combined internship and final project at a company. A final project at a different company then the internship is not encouraged. The final project should have a solid mathematical foundation showing that the student has mastered mathematics at the required level. Doing a final project in a different company often implies that a lot of time goes into familiarizing yourself with the company and the project that is assigned to the student. This might not leave sufficient time to reach a sufficient mathematical depth.

A student should first think about his or her wishes. Even though final projects are often performed at the university it does not mean a final project has to be theoretical. The student should decide whether preference is given to a theoretical or applied project. This is discussed with Anton Stoorvogel who coordinates the final projects for MASS. Most of the time, we will present several projects to the student (with different supervisors) and the student can choose his favorite topic.

Below is a list of recent final projects from students who are supervised by a staff member from HS:

Year Location Name Title
2007 Strukton Systems, Hengelo Maaike Kruiswijk¹ Measuring systems for train detection
2007 University of Twente Richard Kreeke Behaviors over Finite Fields
2009 Strukton Systems, Hengelo Roel de Jong¹ Railroad crossing video monitoring
2010 University of Twente Diana Ugryumova Control design for a chemical disinfection process using the residence time distribution
2010 NLR, Amsterdam Aniek van der Valk¹ The influence of a target motion model on the exact Bayesian filter recursion; research by particle filtering
2011 University of Twente Gijs Hilhorst Stabilisation of Linear Time-Invariant Systems subject to Output Saturation
2011 University of Twente Marco Gerards Optimal Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for Multimedia Devices
2011 Thales, Hengelo Kurt Peek Estimation and compensation of frequency sweep nonlinearity in FMCW radar
2011 University of Twente Almar Snippe Optimal signal reconstruction
2012 Medisch Spectrum Twente Giske Lagerweij Methodology and analysis for the recognition of tumour tissue based on FDG-PET
2012 University of Twente Astrid Geerts Detection of interictal epileptiform discharges in EEG
2012 Radboud ziekenhuis, Nijmegen Cees Jan Dronkers The estimation of intracranial pressure using blood pressure signals
2012 University of Twente Jochem Boersma Controller design of LTI systems subject to hysteresis
2012 Thales, Hengelo Menno Bootsveld¹ Dealing with imperfect knowledge in sensor processing
2013 University of Twente Caroline Mattijssen² Onderzoek van wiskunde

¹   Combined internship and final project
²   Final project for ELAN Teacher qualification