Chair HS

Signal processing

The research on signal processing is directed towards applications of ideas from systems theory to problems in sampled-data systems. Joint work with Mirkin from Technion IIT in Haifa has led to a number of re-interpretations of known results in signal processing and to new design methodologies for optimal samplers and holding devices. We are convinced that the signal processing community benefits such a systems approach. For example it appears to be possible to design optimal holds (and certain samplers) with user-assigned degree of causality, while hitherto optimality could only be incorporated for noncausal samplers and holds. Along the way quite a few new mathematical notions have to be introduced. In particular we believe that our state space representation over intersample time of transfer function operators holds promise for design and also helps to get a handle on the infinite dimensionality of the problem. Methods of robust control are incorporated in our work as well.